Project : Business Cards { Chicory Root Tattoo | Part I }

I'm working on a some business cards for a friend of mine, Kayla Kiefer, who an amazingly talented tattoo artist!!! I am really excited to be able to help her out. She is in the midst of starting her very own solo shop {go women run businesses!} and she's giving me the opportunity to get a little inky and run a few hundred business cards.


First was vectorizing her wonderful artwork & finding a nice font to go with. A nice little Iowan Old Style Roman font paired nicely. Then I sent the design off to Boxcar Press for plates!

They are so good to work with. I'm still learning a fumbling through the process but they are always very good about educating and helping. I got my plates in a few days. 


Now I'm in the process of trimming the stock to size. I'm using Crane Lettra Florescent White 220 lb Duplex Cover, only the best for the best! Right now I "hand trim" each card. I'm so overprotective of the stock and am really nervous that I'll make a mistake cutting a larger batch that I'm okay with taking my time using my small rotary trimmer. It's also kind of relaxing if I'm being honest.

And that's where I end. More to come!